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Buy our strong and durable Fertilizer Sacks Bag, Tyre Industry Sacks Bag,
Dairy Industry Sacks Bag, etc.

About Us

The increase in the number of businesses in the market has also considerably enhanced the significance of the packaging sector. We formed our company, Aashvi Packaging in the year of 2017 to meet such requirements of Sack Bags. Ever since, we have become a premier manufacturer and supplier of the finest packaging solutions, including the Cattle Food Sacks Bag, Fertilizer Sacks Bag, Dairy Industry Sacks Bag, Tyre Industry Sacks Bag and others. Thanks to the superior quality, high strength, progressive design and fair pricing of our goods, we have been long advancing among various industries. These features have always impressed our customers and in the future, we will seek to further expand our capability.

Mission & Vision

Ensuring excellence in packaging is the vision of our company and further our mission is to achieve this with the production of best quality HDPE/PP woven bags/sacks.
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Our Team & Client Satisfaction

Our company, has employed a professional team of experts with extensive industry expertise and skills. They emphasize on client satisfaction and present the best solution to them. The products they manufacture always keep our customers satisfied, which is the reason why our popularity among them has significantly increased. We further aim to keep satisfying our clients with the best of our products, manufactured precisely by our team.

Why Us? - Strategy

Our strategy is to present the best quality products to our clients, and to present them with the products, we conduct business according to the following:

  • We always provide the most competitively priced product range to the customers.
  • We make sure that every batch of product is well-tested in our facility before being shipped.
  • We maintain end-to-end communication with all our clients.
  • We ensure that every order is completed safely and in a timely manner.

    Who Are We & What We Do

    We are Aashvi Packaging, and we manufacture packaging products of the finest quality. All our products including Tyre Industry Sacks Bag, Dairy Industry Sacks Bag, etc., are extremely durable, resilient, resistant to fungi and termites, and can be customized in terms of printing, color, and design, as per the branding requirements of the client.

    Group of Companies

    Aalay Paper Pack

    Established in the year 2001, Aalay Paper Pack has a well-built facility in the city of Mehsana, Gujarat, which is equipped with latest equipments to produce various paper bags including HDPE Laminated (Reinforced) Paper Bag, Multiwall Paper Bags, etc. With time, it has become a prominent manufacturer of paper bags in the country. 

    Aalay Interface

    With a view to entering the dynamic adhesive market and standing up firmly against manufacturing giants and multinationals, Mr Alpen Patel started the company in 2000 under umbrella A-group. Ever since, they have been offering high quality, innovative starch based adhesive products.

    Aalay Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.

    Catering to all specialties, including cardiovascular and plastic surgery, they offer a wide selection of absorbable and non-absorbable, braided and monofilament sutures. Apart from this, they also manufacture polypropylene meshes of high quality, hernia meshes and skin staplers. 

    Royal Castor Products Ltd.

    The Royal Castor Products Limited company, which is promoted By the Standard Greases Group, has become one of the biggest Grease companies in the Indian private sector. In the construction and manufacturing industries, it has a strong base and has now become a renowned name with quality in the castor oil derivatives throughout the world.

    Avani Food Products

    Avani Food Products was founded in the year 1981 and it is based in the Mehsana region of Gujarat. From here, they manufacture and process various Casein products including Commercial Casein, Edible Casein, etc.